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Career Coaching FAQs

What can I expect from a career coaching session?

A 90 minute focused conversation expertly led and structured to help you to reach clarity within a step by step process. The AGC Coach ensures each session benefits you as a standalone session and also as a part of a series of sessions to reach your end goal. Your one hour is focused, structured so that your time is truly maximised.

Where do you coach people?

Our offices are based in Rivonia, CnrRivonia Rd and North Rd,5 minutes from Sandton. We work with clientsall over South Africa, and can arrange to see our clients at their workplace, or in convenient venues centrally in Johannesburg, or use Skype and other technology to coach elsewhere.

When and what times can career coaching take place?

Most of our clients work 8-5, so we position ourselves to work around this as much as possible.Just let us know what time frames you can do and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What’s your 100% confidentiality guarantee?

AGC’s success spans many years and is entirely based on satisfied clients at all career levels, 100% confidentiality is naturally guaranteed and central to the success of our career coaching business.

What’s the difference between working with a Career Coach and a Life Coach?

Career coaching is focused on your development and effectiveness within the context of your career and work-life. Life coaching is focused on your personal effectiveness and development, working typically on areas like increasing your confidence, working to achieve your personal goals and so on.

Both life coaching and career coaching work by empowering the individual to move themselves forward, teaching them invaluable life skills and tools and supporting them to achieve their goals.

What’s the difference between working with a Career Coach and an Executive Coach?

At AGC COACHING, our Executive Coaches are experienced at working at senior level. Our Executive team work with directors, managers, business leaders, executives to board-level members within organisations.

My team, workplace, company could benefit from learning about how career coaching could benefit them, can you come in and give a talk?

We are invited to give information sessions, taster workshops and presentations in workplaces around central Johannesburg frequently. The objective is to show teams how 1-to-1 career coaching can benefit their performance and career development.

Usually, we give a 20-30 minute talk, if suitable, it can be scheduled for lunch-time. If this is something that your company, team or business could benefit from, drop us an email and detail your requirements, as we can tailor it to your needs.

How can you help me?

At AGC COACHING, we are specialists in Career Coaching, Executive Coaching and Performance Coaching. With this expertise we have helped so many people with a huge variety of matters Career related.

How can I pay?

All payment is taken before your sessions. Bank transfers are preferred. Card payments can be taken over the phone. All payment is required at least 5 working days before your next session.

How do you measure a client’s success?

The proof is in the pudding. Our clients report back each and every week how much action they’ve taken and the results they’re achieving both inside and out. AGC COACHING is entirely based on your success. Each session is a like a review in and of itself, so we tweak as we go.

Is there a difference between being career coached via Skype and in person?

We coach individuals frequently via Skype and our clients have all the success of our face-to-face career coaching clients in central Johannesburg. Many of our clients choose Skype as a way to eliminate extra travel time, cost, stress and energy. Getting their career coaching session into their day whether it’s at work or at home, it’s definitely the most convenient way to go.

What’s the difference between career coaching and career guidance or counselling?

Career Coaching works very differently to Career Counselling. Career coaching is about taking the client on a journey of self-discovery, facilitating and empowering the client to discover the answers they need for themselves and helping them to develop as a person first which then develops their professional selves. Career coaching is a team sport, the client and coach work together to achieve the results.
As opposed to career guidance counselling, career coaching is very much results-focused, each session and journey is tailored to your individual needs and practical.

How many career coaching sessions will I need?

This isn’t easily answered, as everyone and their needs are so different. Usually 6 sessions with a Career Coach will get clients to a place where they are achieving tangible results. 3 sessions will give you a taste of the potential results. 9-12 career coaching sessions is usual for people who are making major career changes. It varies according to the individual and the pace at which each client can go varies considerably.

Many clients, will come for a further number of ‘check-in’ sessions as they continue to achieve their goals and maintain their new mindset and actions or develop new goals as they have achieve their existing ones. We coach on a case-by-case basis and trust that you know how many sessions will get you to where you want to be.

Isn’t Career Coaching / Life Coaching an expensive luxury?

It’s all relative. If you want to accelerate achieving your goals at work and in life in general and maximise your potential, then hiring a Coach is certainly the way to go. And only you can put your price on that. The support of an expert Career Coach will save on your time as a result of our expertise, strategic step-by-step processes and industry knowledge, increase your life’s satisfaction, potentially increase your earnings and enhance your confidence and develop communication and interpersonal skills that will serve you for the rest of your life.

How often should I have a career coaching session?

For the first 3 sessions, we suggest every 10-14 days in order to build momentum. From here, we suggest every month, as you will be busy with actions and exercises to do in order to move forward in the next session. At AGC COACHING, we really want you to get as much value as you can from our work together so we encourage you to complete many exercises in your own time, to ensure you are continually progressing.

Why would I need career coaching?

To find career direction, understand your leadership style, accelerate your career path, maximise your potential, gain support through change, strategically explore your options, develop confidence, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills, amongst many many other things we work on.