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Custom Coaching Programs

AGC can custom design the duration and frequency of coaching sessions to meet your own individual needs. We can work together to build a custom-coaching program that works best for you. We are also flexible with the venue for coaching sessions, although we have a coaching facility based in Morningside, Sandton.

We will arrange a set of coaching sessions with you – normally 2-3 sessions per month initially and thereafter the frequency can be adjusted to suit your requirements. We have found that best results are achieved with a minimum of around 6 sessions spread over 3 months.

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Because many of the benefits of coaching take a while to manifest, We recommend that you commit yourself to the coaching process for a minimum period of three months. We will work hard to accomplish your goals within that time. There are no written contracts and, if coaching is not working for you, you can stop at the end of any month. At the end of the three months we will review where you are and how valuable the coaching has been. If you have accomplished your goals or want to stop coaching for any other reason, we will continue to support you however possible.


All communication and coaching sessions are entirely confidential.